"King's Cocktails" - 2008 - Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

This is as close as I'll ever get to writing or directing a "Film Noir" book or film of which I am a great fan of. But just for laughs, let me describe this shot to you the way I would if I did write pulp fiction:  


Photographed on a chilly LA night while I was wasting time minding my own business. The city was as quiet a baby sleeping in a mink crib, only this baby was a 24 year-old blonde and her crib belonged to one of the meanest mob bosses South of Chinatown. I was staking a guy I had been shadowing for weeks who spent his time wearing cheap suits into cheap bars, looking to buy cheap drinks for cheap dames. Waiting for him could get lonely, lucky for me I had my Nikon FM loaded with Tr-X pan film pushed to a thousand ASA.  That's when I got the wise idea to snap this pic of the joint downtown rising behind it!  


The King's Cocktails neon glowed against the city of angels' skyline like a cubic zirconia diamond lost in the blue-black dyed hair of some B-Girl you'd find in a Broadway strip club. . . . . and SCENE!


Actually, I noticed the neon sign as I was cruising home from downtown LA and it looked too fabulous to not shoot it. I only regret tha I never went inside. 

"King's Cocktails" - 2008 - Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

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