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"Ghost Dwelling 03" - 2016 - South West New Mexico


I've always had an affinity for old, broken down homes and buildings long past their time.  The way they slope; the way the walls cave in.  The peeling paint; broken windows; crumbling bricks; sloped ceilings; they are so organically poetic.  Graceful and silent, eventually they will decay to the point where only the foundation will remain. 

​These can be the hardest subjects for me to find because they usually are in remote areas, obscured by trees and roadside rubbish.  Most people probably don't even notice them. They go by in a meaningless blur. But I find them so compelling.

I hope some of you will too.

"Ghost House 02" - New Mexico - 8x10" Sepia Print in a 11x14" Black Matte

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Photo is digitally printed on heavy 14 pt stock, semi-gloss, high quality paper using 5-Color Pigment/Dye Reactive ink producing vivid colors and sharp, crisp details.   

    Each 8x10" print comes matted in a high quality 11x17" black matte that is beveled cut with white core and 4-ply thick (about 1.4 mm or 1/16 inch).  Also included is an 11x17" backing board.  Both are enclosed in a plastic sleeve. 

    Prints will last up 100+ years when maintained in proper conditions.  We suggest using "UV-Filter Glass" in your frame which will protect your photograph from 99% of harmful UV rays, as well as provide crisp image resolution for many years.

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