I met Dr. Cornell West - Democratic Convention,  Philadelphia PA. 2016


On the day I met Dr. West, we were all downtown at a huge rally and he had just ginned up the crowd with a rousing speech that infused actvism, religion, history and hip hop!  His charisma is so palpable when you come near him you can feel that you're in the presence of greatness. 


Having earned my degree in African American Studies from UCLA in 2000, I have read several of his books (my favorite is still "Race Matters") so it was especially special for me to actually have him pause and chat with me and let me photograph him.  

One thing that struck me was his amazing laugh, I told him his speech stirred me up so much that he had me simoultaneously wanting "to go fight a war and praise God while doing it!" to which I quickly added, "And I'm a pacifist and an athiest!" - this caused him to laugh (as shown in the photo) and I was so grateful I could capture his humanity and his joy!  

"Dr. Cornell West"- 2016 - Democratic Convention, Philadelphia PA.

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